Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Actually Useful Inventions

I compulsively scan gadget sites. It seems to be part of what guys do: we look at tools to see what is available.

Today, happily, there is something out there that looks really useful: LightinSight, which makes seeing the high traffic lights easier (I'm tall, so I typically have to sit way forward and crane to see lights if I'm first at an intersection).


"It's the coolest thing," he said. "I found it on one of the Mini sites. It lets you see when the light turns green without having to crane your neck."

Sure enough, it does. Another friend was riding with me a few weeks later became so enamored with the device, I peeled it off and gave it to him. While waiting for a replacement I had to bend my neck sideways and lean forward to see the light when I'm first in line. What a pain compared to just sitting back comfortably and waiting for that little red dot in the lens to go green.

Check it out.
Tags: useful tools

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