Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Every Now And Again, Ethics Comes Out

And for the most prosaic of reasons. Everyone who reads any classical author learns that the purpose of ethics is happiness. This is long forgotten by most ethics advisors (including, of course, the despicable medical ethicists), who have various cute systems for summarizing their rules, and argue over who has the best summary.

But then, life intrudes sometimes and reminds even the forgetful that the point is happiness and what leads to it.

Quoted, due to link rot in link above:

Lutnick said his dealings with the families -- and his own family -- since September 11 have changed his attitude to life.

"I never thought about this at all. What I thought you did was wake up in the morning, work your tail off, then you took care of your family and what did you do tomorrow? Wake up in the morning and worked your tail off. You know, the classic Type A personality, working hard," he said.

"I have learned through talking with so many families or loved ones ... that the most important thing is to seek happiness."

Lutnick said this had changed his investment advice. If someone sees happiness in a nice car and clothes, then he advises how to work for them, but if life on the beach is a client's idea of nirvana, he tailors his advice accordingly.

"Whatever makes you happy colors our investment advice. This was never the case before," when the focus was solely on making money, he said.

Update: Thinking is catching on, it seems.
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