Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
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Career Advice

According to the numbers, working for private employers is a bad decision compared to working for the Federal Government.

Money quote:

The average federal worker earned $100,178 in wages and benefits in 2004, which compared to $51,876 for the average private-sector worker, according to U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data. Looking just at wages, federal workers earned an average $66,558, 56 percent more than the $42,635 earned by the average private worker.

As you might guess, this has been a hot topic for federal employees to discuss Guess whether or not they agree. And, as expected, the group responsible for advising on Federal Employee wage increases has, once again, advised on an increase: after all, we understand that secretaries in the federal government are woefully underpaid when compared to the Corporate Secretary of IBM (though Mr. O'Donnell might not think so).

And those federal benefits add up. Care to advise your collegians on where to apply?
Tags: economics, humor

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