Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Time Magazine Expects Me To Apologize

Time Magazine has decided that they want an apology, an "Oops, I'm So Sorry" from "neocons" like me for advocating, and insisting on, the war in Iraq.

An apology?

How about this?

"We overestimated the threat posed by a lunatic dictator who hated the US and Israel, and who paid rewards to the families of Palestinian terrorists. In an age when two of the world's tallest buildings can be brought down with the tools used by stockboys at KMart, we should have demanded more concrete evidence of exotic weapons of mass destruction. We deeply regret freeing the Iraqi people from a murderous gang of thugs masquerading as a representative republic. We're sorry that the Iraqi people have discovered thousands of graves of their relatives murdered by Saddam, and appalled that we have upset our relations with strongmen and thugs across the Middle East by having three major elections in Iraq, allowing the Iraqis the chance to form their own government, and planning turning over security to them by March, 2008. We did not take into account their willingness to blow each other up, and their stubborn determination to kill themselves while blowing up women and children, which had never occurred before after any war we had encountered: and the growing eagerness of their fellow citizens to tell us about these attacks in advance surely hurts them grievously.

What an awful outcome. We are SO sorry."

Yeah, Right.

Profound kowtow to Scott Ott for the wholesale theft of language from his brilliant site. Read his site more often, will you?
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