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Thoughts Online Magazine
Collected Articles on Culture & Politics
Medical Ethics: Promotion of Evil 
30th-Nov-2006 02:08 pm
I've just finished finding out more about medical ethics than I wanted to. Suffice it to say that the utilitarian hacks currently masquerading as ethical philosophers should be treated as the envoys of evil they are, rather than the possessors of knowledge that they pretend to be. Foolishly, I had assumed that utilitarianism had succumbed to the many, many arguments against it after my stint in college, and that no respectable person still held the opinion. I have found differently.

For those who wish to know more, I pass on my friend's recommendation: Culture of Death: The Assault on Medical Ethics in America by Wesley Smith. Beware, though: it may spark a few nightmares. This mishmash parading as thought has been tried before, under other names, and garnered support from leaders of society. Sometimes, it's up to those who know the truth to respond to these maniacs. Now, of course, they are granted tenure at Princeton. I'd settle for an introductory adjective: "and now, a word from the advocate of evil, Professor ...." I believe proper introductions also have a place.

For those who want a more recent tour of the horizon, check this out: Architects of the Culture of Death. You might come away with a different view of the people mentioned.
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