Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Long Mystery

I've decided that the best example of human gullibility around is Noam Chomsky. Despite the fact that anyone who takes the areas he writes about seriously (which does not include the professoriate in that area realiably -- see prior post, they have other things on their minds), knows that he is a kook with a knack for twisting and lying about things. Previously, I've referred Chomsky idolizers to this, and David Horowitz has done a wonderful job at exposing the lies at the heart of his duplicity. His problem is a simple one: he doesn't footnote properly (in an academic, this is amazing), he doesn't change his mind when the facts on which he relies are shown to be false, and those who expect that as a professor he might know what he is talking about are taken in by his apparent ease with facts and detail, without bothering to check and find out that he's simply wrong most of the time.

A perfect candidate for the Mary McCarthy line: everything he writes is false, including "and" and "the." Really a pity.
Tags: ignoring truth

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