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The Reason I Object to Immigrant-Bashing 
18th-Dec-2006 08:31 am
Because, as brilliantly pointed out here, their only real agenda is anti-people.

In other words, there is something telling about the fact that so far as their critics are concerned, pretty much anything the Mexicans and Central Americans do appears to be a problem. If they work, that's bad because they are taking our jobs. If they don't, that's also bad because they are taking our welfare. Men come to America and live in groups instead of in families: This is bad because men in groups can be frightening and unruly. Men come to America and live in families instead of in groups: This is bad too because it means more Mexicans here. Women come to live with the men: This is worst of all because they are doing it to have what the critics call “anchor babies.” Similarly, the workers come here when they're young and healthy and that's bad because it makes them better at physical labor; but they are apparently also full of diseases that make them a menace to a First World community. And so on — and on and on. One wonders when an environmental impact study of the very air they exhale near the Rio Grande will be waved by Lou Dobbs to show just how far the law-breaking civilization-busters have gone now. Tancredo even manages outrage over the fact that undocumented aliens can apparently use the stacks of the Denver public library by presenting only a driver's license. Mexican farm hands, reading in a library? Dios mio! Will these people never learn to behave like Americans?

In sum, the insistence by impassioned theorists that illegal immigration south of the border is the pre-eminent problem of our time makes perfect sense — or would, had those been Salvadoreans piloting airplanes on 9/11, Guatemalans bankrolling their efforts, Hondurans plotting attacks on the subways and government buildings of Europe, and Mexicans across the global labor diaspora plotting how to bring down the American government, presumably by poisoning our gardens and toilets. If you do not think that is the way it went down, then Occam's razor dictates this: The sheer volume of emotion on the subject of illegal aliens makes most sense as a manifestation of denial about who would really like to see the end of the American republic — as it turns out, one form of many now circulating.

Original article here

Update:Two-fisted brawling on this subject here. You oughta see the other guy. Told you in my links that Free Republic was a "rough and tumble" kind of place. Removed prior slur in headline. Finally gave up, posted goodbye. Compulsively checked back a few hours later only to find that some people can't click on links, but want to disagree anyway. I think I'll leave this alone for a while.
19th-Dec-2006 01:55 pm (UTC)
I agree. The fact is that Latino immigrants have caused remarkably few problems in American when considering their numbers. Most of the problems are being caused by our own policy making legal immigration difficult for them. There are cases of gangs coming in from Latin America (the M-19 bozos) but that's a problem we've faced, and conquered, many times before.

The Latinos are "Celts" to our "Romans," with the likely fate of our becoming fully-integrated at some point in the future. Yes, it is probable that American English will become heavily salted with Spanish loan-words -- but that too is something that English has handled before, and come out of the exprerience enriched thereby.

Hey, at least they didn't sack Washington D. C. early in our history -- though one might argue that the strong colonial rivalry between England and Spain from the 16th - 18th century was roughly the equivalent, in terms of fixing anti-Spanish stereotypes in our own national character, of the Gallic sack of Rome in the 4th century BCE.
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