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News From Iran 
20th-Dec-2006 08:39 am
Another of the Axis of Evil has announced that they have nuclear power.

During a speech delivered in the Western Iranian province of Javanroud, Ahmadinejad said: " The Islamic Republic of Iran is now a nuclear power, thanks to the hard work of the Iranian people and authorities."

Time to start moving into position.
20th-Dec-2006 06:39 pm (UTC) - Taking Out Iran
I really hope that we do move against Iran, and soon. Bush's term has only a bit more than two years left to run, there is no reason to assume that his successor will take the Islamic threat seriously, and the recent Congressional elections pretty much ensure that the Congress will at best drag its feet, at worst actively try to sabotage Bush's war policy.

Ideal would be an Iranian democratic revolution, but we can't count on that. Bush needs to plan for war, and he needs to make sure that he cripples Iran as much as politically possible in the short time that he has to make this war, so that Iran is a much less thorny problem for his successor (who, ironically, may be a Democrat).

Liberals often imagine that nations have vast powers of "popular resistance" which can overcome any attack, and the "general wisdom" as reflected in our popular culture and media follows this premise. This is a serious misreading of military history.

Iran has a number of assets which are highly vulnerable to any American attack, even a moderately short attack (a series of air raids). These are:

1) The reactors themselves -- If we take out the reactors, it will be a long time before Iran is in a position to rebuild them. We should also not worry about civilian casualties here: if I were Bush, I would happily scatter their contents all over the landscape. The harder they are to clean up, the harder it is for the Iranians to retrieve said contents and rebuild them. Let some of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards earn their virgins with high radiation doses.

2) The Iranian Navy -- This threatens the whole Gulf region, assuming that we pull out (which we probably will under Clinton II). Send it to the bottom. This is easy as it doesn't have many places to hide.

3) The Iranian Air Force -- Modern warplanes are expensive. If we turn the Iranian air force into smoking scrap metal, it will be many years before it is in a position to threaten us.

And finally, the biggie ...

4) The Iranian Oil Wells -- Let them export pistachoes and rugs, and see how many atomic bombs or terrorist minions they can still afford. Yes, I know that this will harm the global economy, but so does an intact Iran with atomic weapons. Formally announce "You can rebuild them when the Islamic regime is gone." Then enforce it by blowing them up again when they've repaired them a little.

Yeah, I know ... Bush is far too moderate and humane to do any but (1). But even (1) would be an improvement over doing nothing.
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