Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

On The Harassment of Voters By the Government

Here is a classic example. In this case, it was hounding a small businessman who put a bumper sticker on his car, hoping to get a little attention.

Just so you know, even the most minimal analysis proves that the FEC was ignoring its own statutes at the behest of a party activist. This proves that lawyers are, perhaps, uniquely UNQUALIFIED to file complaints without a client.

Suffice it to say that John McCain has a lot to answer for: being an idiot about the Constitution that creates his own office, and the one he aspires to, should be noted by any primary voter, and he should be turned out of office as soon as practicable.

Just as a side note: we eagerly look forward to the retirement of Supreme Court Judge Stevens, who, in a shocking demonstration of his inability to understand speech, said, "money is property, not speech." (528 US 377): any married man reading this is welcome to try a simple experiment to disprove the idea that property cannot serve as speech. In the presence of your wife, take off your wedding ring, and throw it in the trash. Don't say anything. (Yes, I hear you laughing. You know that your use of property was speech, and she will know what you said immediately, and you will have to apologize, with flowers. But Stevens doesn't, and he gets to rule on cases.)

UPDATE:It looks like the government is going to tramp down hard on anyone saying, "Call your Congressman" on the theory that saying something costs money, and money should only be spent by Public Citizen, an "advocacy group" that wants to cut down on the competition to be heard. After all, the right to petition the government, while in the Constitution, was only meant to apply to nonprofits, right? Citizens? Who cares about them?! How DARE they presume to instruct their betters?
Tags: law and stupidity, politics

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