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Tantrums Against the Nanny State 
26th-Jan-2007 11:41 am
What else could you call "Big Babies Or: Why Can’t We Just Grow Up? Michael Bywater, London: Granta Books, 2006. "

A useful review is here:

Sadly though, what Bywater finds most disturbing about modernity are its gains, including material prosperity and the ease and efficiency of consumerism. He caricatures our healthy materialist impulses as ‘I want it now!’ tantrums of impatient toddlers, demanding our next fix of ‘punching, attention, drink, oblivion, money, novelty, success… Now!’ The desire for more and better consumer goods is, for Bywater, sinisterly instilled by ruthless big business forces and the vultures in the credit industry, rather than evolving from a sound urge to improve our material circumstances.
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