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Collected Articles on Culture & Politics
How to Be Manipulated 
26th-Mar-2005 07:14 am
Here it is, how you were manipulated in the Terri Schiavo case:

The formula was simple: provide a carefully selected mix of data, hammer away on themes making the conservatives look mean, extreme, stupid, corrupt or narrow-minded; take polls with questions designed to elicit majorities favoring the liberal solution, and then wield the polls as irrefutable evidence of the need to let the people have their way. Intimidate wobbly conservative office-holders. Snatch victory and pound-home the manufactured memes of conservative depravity with casual press references well into the future.

Now, next time will you remember to listen to the radio and look online before making an ass of yourself?

This case was about the right of a husband to make life or death decisions for his wife. And he's finally getting to kill her.
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