Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Grandstanding Without Understanding

This is a story about a group of people acting, AT BEST, foolishly.

"This is about policy"

No, this is about a resolution (any resolution) which, on its face, is designed to accomplish precisely NOTHING. None of these resolutions is a law. None allocates money. None creates programs to accomplish a purpose.

This is about pretending to do something.

How some of these people can run for president after showing what miserably poor thinkers they are merely illustrates why the Democratic presidential field is more interesting. Yes, there are problems there. But look at who they are running against!

The Point? Well, actually, we want to win. We'd like it better if these goofs would focus on that.

UPDATE: It looks like there are a few adults in the Senate, after all. McCain is doing better than I thought.
Tags: politics

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