Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Piracy: The Reason We're Doing So Well

From Engaget, the funny scene of the week:

Romanian president Traian Basescu has a bigger reason than most to owe the Microsoft founder a debt of gratitude: he claims that rampant software piracy in the Eastern European nation was the single biggest factor in developing a healthy IT industry. Yes, believe it or not, a head-of-state actually stood up in public -- at a press conference to celebrate the launch of a Microsoft global technical center -- and told Gates face-to-face how illegal copies of Windows "helped the young generation discover computers...set off the development of the IT industry...[and] helped Romanians improve their creative capacity..." Read the whole thing.

Then wonder for a moment: How long will it be until Microsoft sues, wins, and owns Romania?
Tags: law and stupidity

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