Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Just a Reminder

Neocons like me are supposed to be gradually fading out.

I don't feel like it, though. In fact, I've got more reasons to keep it up.

Fundamentally, we oppose certain ideas:

Radical Environmentalism ("humans are behind the imminent disaster of global warming and only aggressive government intervention can prevent disaster")

Political Correctness - ("reality, truth and morality are all subjective")

Multiculturalism - ("all cultures are equally good except for western culture which is uniquely bad; who are we to say that freedom and democracy are any better than tyranny and oppression?")

Terrorism ("terrorism is the only option of those who are oppressed by the western imperialist capitalists and is perfectly justified. George Bush/America/the West is the real terrorist")

And I favor, as you might guess, the opposite:

Ecological Understanding: knowing what the tradeoffs are for any type of action, and working to create a better human living environment.

Objective Truth: Reality is not something each individual creates for himself: that is called "dreams". Morality is a study of objectively true matters, if difficult study.

Some Cultures Are Better Than Others: and all of them can be improved, and doing so is one of the most worthwhile things we can do.

Everyone is Capable of Wanting the Good: and we should encourage them to do so, trading and expanding globally to enrich the universe of choices they have.
Tags: politics

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