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Mine! Mine! 
8th-May-2007 06:03 pm
In response to the ridiculous idea that random numbers can be owned, one site has decided to do something about it: claim ownership to a lot of such numbers, in exactly the same way, and then give ownership to the person requesting the number.

And in return, 4E 15 F4 A5 63 8D 97 84 F5 A1 1C B5 92 48 39 AB is, by the same logic that illiterates in the movie industry use, is mine, Mine, MINE!!!(evil laugh here):

First, we generate a fresh pseudorandom integer, just for you. Then we use your integer to encrypt a copyrighted haiku, thereby transforming your integer into a circumvention device capable of decrypting the haiku without your permission. We then give you all of our rights to decrypt the haiku using your integer. The DMCA does the rest.

Now all I need to do is hit the jackpot: if AACS generates the same random number to replace their old, disclosed one, and I sue the hell out of them, and, under the diseased logic of the DCMA, I win. Sounds good to me. Or, I could just hope someone mysteriously posts it.
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