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Michael McBride has a point in response to the absurd, if not actively mendacious, posturing of the Organization of the Islamic Conference:

Sorry if I am more afraid of Muslims than I am of, let’s say, your run of the mill yokel who made some anti-Muslim remarks on 9/12. Those serving the Prophet have a much higher kill ratio than the Christians, the secularists, the atheists, the agnostics, the Jews, and the Wiccans combined.

I am at a loss to figure out how being afraid of Muslims, because they happen to be the world’s largest generator of terrorists, is a greater form of terror than the actual terror ... which is being perpetrated by Muslims extremists on the rest of the world’s population nearly every day of our lives. This is like castigating an assault victim for being afraid of their attacker.

In other words, I accuse the Organization of the Islamic Conference of not understanding Islam, just as I do CAIR or the other alphabet organizations set up to promote it.

Dr. Sanity elaborates:

So, let me say for the record that I reject being labeled as "Islamophobic" utterly. Rather, I have a healthy, rational fear of a religion that aggressively seeks my submission or death....

In an ideal world, I shouldn't even have to say it, but Islam has forced me to explicitly and loudly state that I absolutely, thoroughly and unequivocally reject Muslim values. What follows is not an exhaustive list, but let me touch on some of the highlights that form the basis of my rejection:

1. If we are going to talk about oppression, shall I begin with the ubiquitous institutionalized oppression and humiliation of women in Muslim society? Detractors claim that the Quran does not foster this attitude, but witness the devaluation of women; the sexual fear of women; the incarceration of women; the infantilization of women; the social marginalization of women, etc. etc.

2. The overt and institutionalized anti-semitism in Islam, that is frankly paranoid and of psychotic proportions.

3. The assumption of the victim role while actively victimizing other religious groups. This is the entire psychological manipulation involved in the cries of "Islamophobia!"

4. The hypocritical call for tolerance, while promoting intolerance and bigotry among its own adherents.

5. The glorification of death rather than life.

6. The fostering of mindless obedience and punishment of independent thinking.

7. The poverty of ideas and rational thought among its leaders.

8. The inability to condemn unequivocally the barbaric acts done in the name of Islam.

9. The fact that you would force your religion on me, if you could.

As I said, the list is not exhaustive. There are many more reasons why I have come to my intense rejection of this particular religion.

I merely suggest that those who say that those who say that the Koran does not support X, or Y, or Z may not say so to me. They may preach that to other Muslims, in their mosques or talk about it in coffee houses. As someone who is not a Moslem, I get to look at the religion through its followers. That they disagree with these actions but do not rebuke them (as I did, on more than one occasion, to Jerry Falwell and other "public Christians"), indicates to me that they do not believe what they are saying about their own religion.
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