Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Tax Protesters Yell Again

It's amazing to me that these people are still there.

And still unable to read. Much less, as it turns out, follow caselaw

You'd think they would call Congress, which can change the tax law by a vote. But no. That would be too simple. So they ignore tax law, get caught and jailed, get caught and the judge has pity on them as illiterate hicks, or whatever, and think they're getting something done. Yet if they decided to advocate for the fair tax or some other scheme with the same energy, they might accomplish someething.

For goodness' sake, Wikipedia has articles on the constitutional objections and those who have trouble with the statute. It is, I suppose, fitting that many of these same people finally end up with a generalized conspiracy argument.
Tags: ignoring truth

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