Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Global Warming Is Making Sea Level Rise!! (Or not....)

Funny what happens when you consult experts instead of political hacks.

[W]hen I became president of INQUA Commission on Sea-Level Change and Coastal Evolution, we made a research project, and we had this up for discussion at five international meetings. And all the true sea level specialists agreed on this figure, that in 100 years we might have a rise of 10 cm, with an uncertainty of plus or minus 10cm -- that's not very much. And in recent years I even improved it, by considering also that we're going into a cold phase in 40 years. That gives a 5 cm rise, plus or minus a few centimeters. That's our best estimate.

But why is some research being produced coming out with these statements that support global warming? Because if you don't support global warming, you get no grants!

If you want a grant for a research project in climatology, it is written into the document that there must be a focus on global warming.

And if scientists don't get grants, their universities aren't that interested in them: they're not a source of prestige for the institution.

Laugh a minute, these politicos.
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