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I was going through my mail, and opened some of the junk mail I got. I now feel justified in categorizing it by throwing it in the wastebasket. It brings to mind another note:

What is a bullshit artist?

Bullshit artists represent themselves as engaged in purveying information, but are not in that business at all. Instead, they are in the business of manipulating the attitudes and opinions of the people they speak to. They care whether what they say is effective in accomplishing this manipulation. They are more or less indifferent to whether what they say is true or false.

From On Bullshit and On Truth, both by Harry G. Frankfurt.

Signs of a bullshit artist: when called on something they say, they abandon it immediately, and go on talking about something else designed to achieve the same goal. Rationale for the bullshit artist: this tool didn't work, so they put it down. Another characteristic is the bullshit shuffle: if someone else is making a point, try to talk over them and prevent it being heard. Hint to networks: simply cut off the microphone of the guests not recognized by the host. It worked for AT&T shareholders.

What is your most common recognition technique?

Now, the harder question for me. When do I come off as one? Is it my controversial content (I've had comments which categorized anything I said that mirrored a republican position as bullshit)?
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