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The Summary of the Journals

Instapundit always helps out with context.

In discussing Jules Crittenden's critique of war reporting, he reminds me of stories the media like to tell -- whether or not the facts are there to allow them to tell those stories.

When I was a young guy out of law school in his first job, I participated in the Bench, Bar, Media dinners (it was a small town). One of the things I learned is that the District Attorney was acutely sensitive to the press: and would object to attorneys on the other side "making their case in the media". I suppose that was some of the difficulty faced by the journalists covering Nifong, though they finally came through after it was clear that Nifong was in trouble.

But what bothers me most is that the mistakes all have a common pattern. The narratives, the stories that want to be written, are all stories with templates from the "grievance studies" departments.
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