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A Funny Story to Tell the Truth

This one was printed in the Onion in 2002, and I've thought of it several times since:

Woman Who Claims Book Changed Her Life Has Not Changed

MEMPHIS, TN— Despite claims that Bruce Wilkinson's The Prayer Of Jabez:
Breaking Through To The Blessed Life, "totally changed [her] worldview,"
payroll secretary Brenda Haskell is the same shallow, distracted person she
has always been. "Yeah, ever since reading it, she's really been elevated
to a higher, more profound spiritual plane," coworker Stephanie Roule said.
"I guess that's the spiritual plane where you spend all day obsessing over
your nails."

What evidence do I show of growth over the years? Of the books that have impressed me, have I used them to change my life, or simply settled for being impressed?

A change in your life is real when it leads to action. It is unreal when it doesn't show in action.

It is better to do good than avoid evil.

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