Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

And then History Woke Up

Evidently, Saudi Arabia is horrified at US success in Iraq. Doesn't the US understand that there are Shi'ites in Iraq? Awful, terrible Shi'ites? And that if they are left ungoverned by a reasonable, thoughtful, Sunni, they will burst out into terrible violence? Or song? (not sure about the last bit -- ed.)

They are determined to restart the sectarian civil war. Their side didn't win, and both sides are tired of it, and nice Saudi boys who went in country to kill Shi'ites have been opposed by their natural allies, other reasonable, thoughtful Sunni who don't like being blown up as collateral damage.

Will the Saudis continue to be protected by their valiant army their loyal mercenaries their large stockpile of oil (which is expendable because they have no industrial economy to speak of)? Stay tuned for the next installment of "Innocent People Minding Their Own Business Whom Terrible People Forced To Go On Murderous Rampages" from your local news outlet.
Tags: war on terror

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