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What am I doing? 
9th-Jan-2008 12:03 am
  • 01:18 What am I doing?: 01:15 What am I doing?: 01:13 What am I doing?: 01:12 What am I doing?: 01:12 Wha.. tinyurl.com/2hohng #
  • 05:53 I admit I'm up. That's the first step to change, I suppose. #
  • 07:16 And then History Woke Up: Evidently, Saudi Arabia is horrified at US success in Iraq. Doesn't the U.. tinyurl.com/ysttyb #
  • 10:02 continuing legal education: penance for the sin of being a lawyer. Interminable. #
  • 14:10 lunch over, estate planning program on limited partnerships next. Sigh. #
  • 15:42 mail done, now for a visit to the cousins and dinner with Joy #
  • 18:17 Dinner finished onlly to step in fresh dog poop on the way to the car. Yuk!! Off to the nursing home. #
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