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Martha Burke Still on Warpath Against Augusta National

One of the most determined fact gatherers out there, Martha Burke remains unparallelled in her inability to understand the facts in front of her. She hates Augusta National because it is a "mens-only" club.

So, of course, is the occasional lunch circle that I sit in at Denny's. Is this an example of wasted money? Well, only in so far as spending money to have a good time is a waste. Is it a waste of money for a company to try and take customers there? Only if the fundamental understanding of advertising, that people associate good times with those who are there, is incorrect. Since that has studies behind it, she won't pay attention to it. She assumes that because these are all businessmen, the only thing they can talk about are business opportunities. The Pacific Union Club in San Francisco has been demonstrating the fallacy of this thought for years: and the last crusade I was aware of to get women into clubs in Los Angeles showed that a lot of the women dropped out shortly after, because the club wasn't a value for the money: it wasn't a business mecca. Some of the few clubs that have succeeded, like the Jonathan Club, succeed because they are purely social clubs that offer excellent facilities for entertaining, and some people see the value in that. I suspect that Ms. Burke is not among them.

She wants to stir up a tempest. Is she a good golf player? She doesn't say. I kind of doubt it. Does she enjoy talking about the latest silly story in the office? She doesn't say. Does she have any of the social skills which would make her a pleasant dinner companion? Not that she's bothered to demonstrate. Why should she be surprised that she hasn't been invited?

More to the point, if there are great female golfers that people would like to see playing on the Augusta turf, it may eventually happen simply because the members will wish it. Until that time, it's useless to bother with. Unless you enjoy seeing good golf, of course: will she be among the audience that CBS plays to? Didn't think so.

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