Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Reporters Distort History, Attribute Distortion to Bush Administration

But that's business as usual, right?

The operation of 20-20 hindsight is always illuminating. At least when bundled up and put in the fireplace, with a few matches.

The page omits the brilliant time-travel strategy in which Bush-Cheney corrupted the Clinton administration and suborned Congress, leading to a resolution supporting regime change in 1998. But then, this was written by people who had to focus themselves very narrowly on what they think was happening in Iraq, and even more narrowly on who made statements in the government.

And, for those of you that forgot why we attacked Iraq, this and this should remind you of the "facts on the ground", and this was the preamble (the facts on the ground, all paras beginning with "whereas"), to the resolution. Notice that reporters somehow can't focus on the fact that more was going on than WMD.

So, to sum up: it is evident that The Center For Public Integrity is a bunch of partisan hacks who like to pretend they aren't, and their word should be taken for things only if there is no other source for it and it is important enough to notice. Neither is true here.
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