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Why to Not Trust NGOs, Foundations and Charities

1. Most of them are run by people who can't get regular jobs, but are sufficiently greedy to want to be paid for several jobs in place of the one they don't do.

2. The standard of governance is significantly poorer than your neighborhood service club.

3. They plot against the public welfare.

But other than that, what is wrong with them?

Well, you have to remember that whenever your newspaper cites one, it is quoting someone who manufactured a quote to order. In other words, they're just there to support more control over you, and they will quote anything that supports that to your newspaper, which will print it without comment, as if a charity was a reputable source.

You now know better than your newspaper: charities, NGOs, and Foundations are not reputable sources.

Now for the political zinger: the UN is an NGO.


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