February 17th, 2005


The Truth About the First Amendment

It's fairly simple, guys and gals:

Freedom of the press means that people can use technology, like the press, to print anything they want to, critical of Congress or not. That's what the first amendment meant, and means. That means that John McCain, for example, is a moron when it comes to the first amendment. But we knew that already.

Even the newspapers know this: see the Post for example:

Let's all just take a deep breath. The press doesn't have a "right" to know anything it wants, or have access to whomever it wants. The power and freedom of the press is that it has the right to publish whatever it wants.

Exactly. And we citizens can use the press to say what we want. That's the point, too. Peggy Noonan gets this.

Another Part of the Gap Heard From

"Disconnection defines danger."

That's the basic mantra of clear thinking for US foreign affairs. I have previously pointed out the problem with Nepal, and the latest example of a region deep in the gap sinking deeper into the mire of disconnection and despair is from South America's Andes, from people that pretend to be for indigenous rights. Unlike the situation in Nepal, however, this appears to be completely below the radar of the State Department. This may not be one of their highest quality postings, and may not get people used to paying attention.