August 5th, 2005


Moderate Muslims: A Suggestion

When you decide to speak, do so forthrightly. Issuing decisions full of weasel words doesn't even satisfy other Muslims, much less those of us who have no reason to believe in your goodwill.

Seriously. Say, "Islam is not about simply killing the first group of people you come upon. It is certainly not about killing at random when the "random" is just as likely to include other Muslims and women and children. Only beasts descend to this level of action: and beasts who do so are to be slaughtered like the animals they are. The attacks of July 7 and September 11 illustrate the conduct of beasts. Osama Bin Laden and his followers like Zarquawi are best thought of as thugs and killers rasing private gangs to blacken the name of Islam. Muslims will oppose him and his followers wherever they are found."

THAT is how to do a public statement. CAIR, are you listening?
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