January 16th, 2006


The Odd Confontation

Torts, not named after cakes, that was the subject. The professor's question?

"Suppose we have a young man who fancies himself as a bit of a Don Juan, making propositions to women in the coffeeshop. Can one of the other patrons sue the shop for creating a hostile environment?"

First response, from an earnest looking student: "I'm offended that you would use a Latino stereotype in your example."

The professor paused a moment. Then, speaking in a crescendo, said, "Your offense is not worth paying attention to. The fact that you have wasted your undergraduate education where the humanities were not taught and you never read "The Guest of Stone" -- that would be worth paying attention to if you needed a good education in law school. Evidently, you have concluded that you do not. I am not here to argue the point with you: though I will doubtless mention it to the Dean of Admissions. I, on the other hand, have been gravely offended by your shameless ignorance, and I will not pay attention to that either. I will pay attention to the fact that you have not addressed the question. You would find it profitable to read the cases in the textbook before the next class. The student on your right may take a turn: do I need to repeat the question?"