August 19th, 2006


Movie: Barnyard

For those who need to know immediately: yes, children like two or three scenes in this movie, and laugh at them. It features the same kind of sexual confusion for young boys that they encounter with any "live action" Peter Pan presentation: we all know it's a girl. She's pretending to be a boy. In the same way here, sex is detached from biology and becomes merely attitudinal. Much of the humor is pitched for teenagers, most of whom wouldn't be caught dead at a "children's" movie, so it may not do all that well.

For adults, this is a boring movie.

This is its official site. Three laughs isn't enough to pay for a movie ticket, guys. I'm out.

An Interesting Point

For those who have said "There is no war on terror, it is just a bunch of different scenarios you are alleging have a common thread", the recent action in Lebanon has an interesting subtext, pointed out by Michael Barone:

the biggest blunder was made by the rulers of Iran.

Inevitably, the trouble they have stirred up in the region over the past month is bound to boomerang right back at them.

Indeed, by transferring advanced rockets and weaponry to Hezbollah, Tehran, and Damascus they have just unwittingly proven one of the Bush administration's central contentions regarding the need for pre-emptive action against rogue states in the global war on terror.

The two countries have demonstrated that they are ready and willing to share missile systems with a terrorist organization, thus strengthening the case that they must be prevented from obtaining weapons of mass destruction at all costs.

Yes, there is a unified enemy. This was pointed out before, in 2002, and was part of the national conversation before the war in Iraq.
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Cafe Crepe

Cafe Crepe on the Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, was a delightful place for dinner.

It had a nice menu: not only sweet and savory crepes (savory: those filled with cheeses, meats, vegetables), but conventional dishes for those whose diets don't include crepes. Reasonably priced: ($30.43 for two with tip), details as follows (on a scale of 1-5, five being best):

Food: 5
Atmosphere: 3 (you're in the Promenade: there's bad and good here)
Cost: 5
Service: 3

Check out the link for other reviews: for us, it's a place we will return to.