October 20th, 2006


Immigration: Why Do We Need this 11.5 million?

Because we have a significant shortage of people, and our unemployment rates continue to indicate that we are employing people. (PDF)

Let's take a city I know well: Las Vegas. The whole state of Nevada has gained about 64.000 employees over the past year, and most of those were in Las Vegas. The statewide unemployment rate is 4%, substantially unchanged from many prior periods. One employer in town said, "Look, if they will show up most days and not be drunk on the job, I've got room to hire. I'm just having trouble finding those people -- every other business in town is competing with me to find them."

Meaning? If we deport that 11.5 million, we are HURTING OURSELVES. It's like free trade: trade protection is like hurling huge boulders across the highways that lead to other countries. Sure, you're better protected. But the real party hurt is YOU: because your commerce suffers.

UPDATE:And we need MORE people, not fewer.