December 11th, 2006


Pinochet for Nobel Peace Prize

Evidently, I've been missing the point of the prize.

Maybe it is time for vulgar, brutal, authoritarian thugs to be awarded it, rather than vulgar, brutal, totalitarian ones.

I'm sure Jimmy Carter and James Baker would approve.

After all, Pinochet, like Castro, like Che Guevara, were thugs, torturers, brutal and mindless killers. But one of them left behind a country that has thrived. The others only killed. Think of it as redemption, of a sort.

UPDATE: The encomia keep pouring in. More, and more. From the other side, as a historical note, those who believe they have divine sanction to hate him, but who seem not to notice Castro, who behaved, and behaves, just as badly, if not more repressively.

Final UpdateOk, now we have a decent obiturary, and this article and this book reviewed. And with that, rest in peace.
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