December 29th, 2006


How to Think about the North American Union

Begin by realizing that there is no conspiracy. None. Then take a listen to Michael Medved

The record couldn’t be more clear on the “North American Union” – there’s no one anywhere near the Bush administration, the Congress of the United States, Cabinet departments or even major think tanks who believes it’s a good idea to merge Canada, Mexico and the U.S. Yes, there was one article in the journal Foreign Affairs that suggested further reducing trade barriers and economic obstacles in the style of the European Union, but that article drew spirited opposition and condemnation from readers of the same magazine and other members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The goal of “North American Union” is far from a policy aim of the Council on Foreign Relations, let alone of the US government.

Concerning the feds, the entire horror story about “North American Union” is based upon the “Security and Prosperity Partnership,” an utterly innocuous, open, above-board, well-advertised and widely publicized initiative to promote inter-governmental cooperation to fight terrorism, the threat of Avian flu, improve and tighten border security, and promote mutual prosperity. The then Presidents of the three countries (Bush, Fox and Martin) met in 2005 to pledge to work together on such issues and to initiate open working groups to facilitate cooperation – BUT THERE WAS NO AGREEMENT OR TREATY OR COVENANT of any kind, secret or otherwise. To find more information about this unthreatening and appropriate project, try going to the website, or otherwise checking out government sources (especially the Department of Commerce) under “s.p.p.” to see what’s going on – and what isn’t going on.

I fell for this, initially, but straightened up later. My experiences at Free Republic were another example of this "interpretive idiocy" -- they were so determined to find an enemy who was not the real one, (more terrifying) that they spend a lot of time finding harmless ones to harass.

UPDATE:Free Republic has gone ballistic over Medved's post. Read the comments carefully: you'll start to understand what I mean about "interpretive idiocy."