February 24th, 2007


Is Politics Merely Personal?

That's the impression I get from websites like this.

The combined King-George content proves beyond all doubt that the Bush 43
White House is immoral, corrupt, incompetent, uncaring and dishonest -- as
shown by the following exaggerations, deceptions and outright lies:

Dub-ya's bogus bio
So-called Iraqi WMDs
"Immediate" threats
Yellow-cake uranium
Aluminum tubes
Mobile biological weapons labs
Ties to Al Qaeda
A 9/11 connection
The Valerie Plame/CIA leak case
Secret overseas prisons
Warrantless wiretaps of United States citizens
Phony Al Qaeda plots
False claims that the America is safer now from terrorism than before 9/11
Concealing the real cost of Gulf War 2
Understating Iraqi civilian casualties
Embellishing U.S. successes in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Misrepresenting the only wartime tax cut in American history
Economically betraying senior citizens, the middle class and working poor
Downplaying global warming
Claiming wounded GIs got the best treatment possible at Walter Reed
Preventing the coffins of returning GIs from beng seen by the public

As I read, I'm interested (despite being one of those "neocons" who worked to get the country in to Iraq). I look for more information in different windows about the military products presented, and create some emails to Congress about them. I want success, and part of it has to be correct equipment. The harder part, of course, is ignoring the silliness, but it can be done. I encourage you to read for yourself, if you have the time.

But finally, I think I'm in agreement with this characterization. Just as I don't think Abraham Lincoln was a bloodthirsty tyrant calling for the destruction of soldiers for his personal pleasure, I don't think Bush is the focus of evil in the world. I'd rather spend time on those whose goal is to kill and subjugate people like Hugh Scott.

TIME Magazine's Annual Stupid Story

Well, we are in Lent, the season of the year when TIME Magazine hunts down yet another crackpot to allege that Christianity was based on a tissue of lies.

I used to worry about articles like this and wonder if they were true. I don't any more: I've watched allegation after allegation about the falsity of Christian doctrine and origins disproved, and I no longer look for the latest idiotic example as "something that has to be dealt with."

This is called "learning from experience" -- in the case of TIME and Newsweek, it's learning that they will seek out particular stories to try and get discussed and bought, and declining to be part of the crowd of fools who believe that they are worth disproving. I have lived long enough to know that whatever the latest archeological find that is alleged to upset the applecart, it will be studied, understood, and properly assimilated into the narrative that exists now soon enough, and that the lies, distortions, and posturings of the ignorant are just so much hot air: and despite all the hot air, I still don't believe in global warming.

UPDATE: The claim is based on even less than usual. And what do you know, taking it apart is basically child's play.

FURTHER UPDATE: But this does make a good moment to analyze the media's stupidity:

1. Headline Contradicted by Actual Article. Headlines of most of the articles about this subject stated that Mr. Cameron had found a box with Jesus' bones in it. However, the actual articles tell us that there were no bones inside after all, and we don't have samples of Jesus' DNA. Headline Contradicted by Actual Article is either an editorial oversight or an intentional misleading of the public to draw attention to an otherwise lame article. In this case, however, the article wasn't just lame, it was inflammatory because of its close relation to our next type of bogus media article.

2. Ad Masquerading as Actual Article. Several hundred publications ran this article, so it's not likely that anyone was paid off for placement. But this isn't a news article – it's a commercial. Most articles tell us that the "startling" claim about Jesus will be examined in-depth in a documentary Cameron produced. And they helpfully remind us what channel it's on and what time to watch. That's an ad in my book.