July 29th, 2007


Reasons Why Iowa Hates Economics

Because it means they get less money for doing nothing. So that's why all the candidates troop out to Iowa: to say that they will cater to special interests is a key factor in becoming President: FOR BOTH PARTIES, by the way.

Of course, sometimes pork takes effort. It's a lot harder when you earmark money for something that some company in your district will say exists to get the money (I'm not sure how that works yet, and it's not like he responds to questions about it) (and, I suppose, you will be provided with a generous campaign contribution for your trouble), but it's kind of fun for newshawks.

This might, of course, be all business as usual, and perfectly permitted according to Congressional ethics rules. Which may tell us about Congressional ethics rules.

UPDATE: It appears that the star of the second paragraph is having more fun with earmarks. I'm reminded of the Mel Brooks line: "It is good to be the king."