July 30th, 2007


Perspective, and Schools

Schools and District Attorneys are not rational beings, capable of exercising judgement.

That is perhaps the only conclusion I can get out of this article.

Fortunately, I read people with a better sense of perspective, who, like the author of the original report, know that the correct response in middle school to being sexually harassed is to hit back.

If your daughter doesn't know how to do that, teach her. That's your responsibility. And if the school calls you and tells you that your daughter hit someone because she said he grabbed her butt, express your disappointment that your daughter was not well enough trained to break his arm, and say that it won't happen again, and suggest that if he wants to take responsibility for training thugs and defending them, you will continue to announce this fact at PTA meetings until you have enough people to complain about him to get him transferred. Should a district attorney intervene, suggest that you will talk about this with everyone you know, and everyone you don't know, until he is too hot a political potato to be in the DA's office, and will keep up after that just for fun.

Malthus is Still Wrong

Malthus is Still Wrong. Malthus is Still Wrong.

And for those of you addicted to the mathematical insight that food grows arithmetically but population geometrically (Yes, this is you, Niall Ferguson) and similar mathematized illogicalities, I have a one for you.

For every mouth, there are two hands to work with. Satisfied? You can even count them, unlike the famously unreliable Malthusian (or, updated, Meadows) model.

Everyone produces more than they consume.

UPDATE:Even the New York Times is starting to notice that overpopulation is not the problem. But that is the point: people are the most valuable resource in potentia, and one of the jobs of society is to use that potential.