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May 6th, 2018 
12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Sat, 17:52: RT @RagingGayCons: The entire concept of "hate speech" only exists in the sphere of Marxist ideology, with the intent of manipulation & con…
  • Sat, 19:40: RT @wikileaks: Full doc: USA v. Paul J. Manafort transcript for May 4, 2018 before U.S. federal court judge T.S. Ellis, 48 pages, PDF https…
  • Sat, 20:06: RT @charliekirk11: Did you know: you are 114 times more likely to be victim of an acid attack in London than a mass shooting in the US?
  • Sat, 20:06: RT @Education4Libs: I love our President. Never has anyone worked so hard for a job they did not need. He’s dedicating & risking his own l…
  • Sat, 20:08: RT @donsurber: You have no idea how we elect presidents. None. And you are ignorant of our government being a federation of 50 states becau…
  • Sat, 20:12: CO2 is plant food. Greenhouses have higher concentrations. https://t.co/ilyI7gzs0P
  • Sat, 20:15: RT @RealJack: Where’s the Democratic Party or media outrage over John Kerry meeting with Iranian officials to try & stop Trump from leaving…
  • Sun, 08:39: For @MikeSAdams, who doubts the value of "tit for tat" https://t.co/mb0n1ZRYNn
  • Sun, 08:57: To the WaPo, Trump and anyone in his administration MUST be guilty of lying unless they have a separate vote by the… https://t.co/AFPL3aYHeQ
  • Sun, 09:00: RT @ArthurSchwartz: Unemployment: 📉 Labor participation rate: 📈 Consumer confidence: 📈 Exports: 📈 Likelihood of conflict with NK: 📉 Totall…
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