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August 13th, 2018 
12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Sun, 14:21: Sounds like Trump is on the right track: if he's getting under Erdogan's skin, then actual progress might be made. https://t.co/RN4hiNaoH4
  • Sun, 14:22: RT @dbongino: Why are Leftists so violent and confrontational? https://t.co/ePMvT6xpXH
  • Sun, 14:27: RT @MAGAPILL: Soros forgot to order the Fake Nazi's so BLM & ANTIFA are starting to attack the police. #UniteTheRight2 #ShutItDownDC
  • Sun, 14:29: RT @ali: Troll Alert: #UniteTheRight2 organizer, Jason Kessler, admits that rally isn't actually American right-wing. This is the most imp…
  • Mon, 07:52: RT @JBurtonXP: More than one hundred newspapers are planning to run anti-Trump editorials this week—a remarkable, coordinated effort that's…
  • Mon, 07:53: RT @andrewklavan: Today was marked by violence and ugliness by leftist fascists who call themselves anti-fascists — and some inconsequentia…
  • Mon, 07:53: RT @hale_razor: Remember when over 100 newspapers agreed to run editorials on the same day defending a free press against Obama after he sp…
  • Mon, 07:53: RT @chadfelixg: So we're banning white supremacists to stop them from spreading their message... ...while the media provides them a worldw…
  • Mon, 07:55: RT @charliekirk11: Did you know: Illegal Aliens make up 8.4% of the population Yet they account for 42.4% of kidnappings and 31.5% of d…
  • Mon, 08:02: Understanding the first amendment requires more than the usual "liberal education" for many. Here's a start: https://t.co/NMMDqL32Je
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