December 28th, 2018


The winner of this week's "Unusual Source to Make a Point"

In the weblog "The Subject Supposed to Know" (general anarchist leanings, and some interesting posts), comes a discussion of the psychology of leftism, using as its source TED KACZYNSKI (yes, I tried to spell "Unabomber" wrong twice and gave up before spellcheck helped, and then went for parens).


The main thing that’s notable about all of this is that it can only exist by ignoring a major theme of the manifesto: fuck liberals.

After only five paragraphs, he’s already talking about “The Psychology of Modern Leftism.” It’s really worth quoting at length.

Though perhaps not here. You can look it up. Then you can wonder how little the descriptions have changed from the mid-90s when his manifesto was published -- and maybe from earlier in the 20 years of his terrorist activity.