February 5th, 2019


"Learn to code"

Journalists, well, ex-journalists are upset that they are being told to "learn to code" upon being laid off. It helps that it's usually young people with no memory of the previous decade who make these charges: they don't have any idea where the phrase came from. Here's an example of the ignorant resentment.

Why display your ignorance so openly? Is this an occupational qualification? The phrase "learn to code" was the advice dispensed BY NEWSPAPERS to coal miners and others laid off during the Obama presidency. A little investigation with google would have revealed this to the clueless journalists: but google is, for many of them, a tool they don't know how to use.

That it's advice being given to those who dispensed it is merely part of the fun of those who send the notes: they resented it when they were told to learn to code. No one likes being told it. And it's advice that some of them should heed. The rest can go work for the merchant marine, I suppose.

"Journalism" -- a word whose aspirational meaning has no instances.