March 5th, 2019


There Is no Limit on MSM Lying: the NBC edition "Meet the Press"

In a way, this is impressive. Four bad stories in 54 seconds, while theoretically occupied with an interview. Could you lie with a straight face so effectively? If not, perhaps you aren't newscaster material. Notice I didn't say "journalist" -- that, as it turns out, is a word like "unicorn" -- a word with nothing real being described. This on what the network calls its "flagship" news program, "Meet the Press."

Now, some of the transcript is just funny: quoting Cohen as describing Trump as a "racist" for example. The sad part here is that Trump has been in the public eye for longer than his campaign and presidency, so the fact that NBC is utterly ignorant about the person they are covering is without excuse. But it's funny anyway, and should be a quick benchmark for how seriously to take the MainStreamMedia groups. My brother points out that he's quoting Cohen, and I just pointed out "He's quoting someone who's been convicted of perjury, lying under oath, before: if he lies about stuff, he lies about stuff. We don't take him seriously."

Read the article referred to in the first paragraph carefully. It's a masterful takedown of a low-down con man, Chuck Todd. Just so you know what NBC thinks you believe about the program "Meet the Press", check out their website: scroll down for laudatory text. The first paragraph is a good example of the self-praising style:

"Meet the Press" is America's most-watched and No. 1 Sunday morning public affairs broadcast. Every Sunday morning for more than 70 years, millions of Americans have tuned in to get answers from U.S. and world leaders, and to hear analysis, discussion and review of the week's political events from noted journalists and experts. Acclaimed by conservatives and liberals, newsmakers and television critics, "Meet the Press" consistently makes Monday morning headlines and has become the most-quoted television program in the world.

NBC may be doing its solid best to get us to disbelieve in the "expertise" of the establishment. It's succeeding. I certainly don't believe they know what they're talking about.