June 27th, 2020


The Upper Class Response to Limited Policing

As I pointed out before, the upper class may cheer on protestors (after all, they don't patronize those dumpy little stores), and agree to reduce the police force because it makes them look caring. But they don't have to put up with the consequences of fewer policemen.

Both in Seattle, and now, ground zero for the protests, Minneapolis, show how the upper class responds to "not enough policemen" -- they hire security guards. In the case of Minneapolis, the guards are paid for by the city, just like regular policemen: but they have no obligation to protect any of the citizens of Minneapolis, just the Council members on whose behalf they are hired.

They, you see, being the important upper class, are entitled to services that in other circumstances might have to be shared with - shudder - those lower class people.

America's big division is not about race, or gender. It's about class.

Update: "woke white people are a cancer on society"

Update 2: The prediction of the upper class goal: "2 percent of the passionate will control 98 percent of the indifferent 100 percent of the time." Passion, not intelligence, note, is the defining characteristic of the upper class we're talking about.