Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Ordinary Stupidity

Sequoia Systems, a maker of voting machines, is thrashing around wildly in an effort to prevent criticism. The latest? a letter threatening a lawsuit if their system is evaluated. Evidently, they want it evaluated only under their control. They were spanked by the feds for this sort of thing before, but managed to calm down and cooperate.

To be fair, I suppose, they are probably fearful of another report like that done in California, which indicated that their security, both software and physical, could be compromised fairly quickly -- and that was without the time to analyze that would ensue after downloading their master system files from public servers it didn't belong on. For those who want simpler methods of voting circumvention, google handily turns up specific, easy recipes for monkeying with the vote (though in that particular case, Sequoia insists it's not a bug, but a feature).
Tags: technical glitches

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