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Why To Oppose Gun Control: 
21st-Mar-2008 10:16 am
In response to fpb

The Most Important Reason: Because the Authorities Are Too Incompetent To Protect You.

Example: Being killed while calling them.

And for those who prefer the moral take: neither from the victim's side nor from the standpoint of society is it preferable to have a good citizen killed by someone who does not respect social values. The criminal has placed a lower value on the lives of others than is consistent with human dignity: society simply accepts his valuation when it is a choice of preserving a citizen and losing him.
22nd-Mar-2008 07:54 am (UTC)

And even if they're competent (the cops in my town are reasonably competent), there's just not enough of them. They cannot be everywhere at once, cannot respond to an incident instantly. Even if they arrive within 2 minutes of a call (a phenomenal response time, only occasionally actually met) then there's good chance you won't be still alive in two minutes.

Human beings have the right to defend themselves from violence, damnit. Criminals are going to be armed, because they don't respect the law. Why shouldn't law-abiding citizens be allowed to defend themselves with equal force? At some point, a country must trust it's own people to act responsibly. If you do not, you start down the path towards tyranny sooner or later. The Second Amendment is more about an individual's personal right to defend themselves than it is about overthrowing tyranny.

There's even people in Italy now who are calling for the government to have less restrictions on people being able to defend themselves with guns. All those brutally violent Mafia-murders, where ordinary citizens were powerless and in terror to do anything to protect themselves, seem to have made an impression.
22nd-Mar-2008 08:02 am (UTC)
For a local example: There've been a couple of home-invasion murders in my town in the last couple of years. This is Texas, but not everybody owns a gun here, even still, although there's no law against it. Those poor folks lost their lives for lack of ability to respond with equal deadly force.

There've also been a couple of rapes at the local college campus, both in dorms and in apartments, and those girls couldn't do anything to protect themselves. I know in at least one of those incidents the attacker had a gun, and the girl didn't. Why? Because according to Texas law you can't have a firearm on a college campus, even inside your home (if you live on the campus grounds). The attacker did not respect that law. He was never caught, either.

I wonder how things would have turned out different if the law had allowed that girl to own a pistol and keep it in her house for protection. I know enough about rape victims to know that their lives are basically shattered and destroyed by the event.

Personally, I think I'd rather see a criminal bleeding and dying on the ground than some law-abiding girl be forever mentally ravaged (but still physically alive). Some things are worse than death, and some things are worth killing to protect.

It is a profound moral cowardice that drives liberals to oppose gun laws: They cannot stand the idea of their fellow citizens being able to kill anyone, even a bad person. I think a responsible citizen is one who's willing to get some blood on his hands if necessary to protect those he loves, and himself.
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