Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The "Study" Moment

OK, global warming. Don't think CO2 has much to do with it (see past decade of plateau and drop while CO2 increases), but then, I've had experience of research contradicting reality before.

Favorite example:

Hurricanes getting stronger!

Hurricanes Getting weaker!

and, of course, Stunning new breakthrough on hurricanes says it's Global Warming!

Finally, of course, Bill Gray takes it in hand.

He showed that during 1945-1969 (25 years), during a period the globe was cooling slightly, there were three times as many intense hurricanes in the Atlantic compared to the 25 year period 1970-1994--a period the globe warmed significantly. His tongue-in-cheek conclusion: "CO2 gets into these storms and squashes them!" Extending this result to landfalling U.S. hurricanes, one could claim that we should expect zero landfalling U.S. hurricanes by 2050. Dr. Gray cautioned that this ridiculous result showed that one can manipulate statistics to show virtually any result you want.
Tags: global warming, statistics

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