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Using Windows? Have a lot of info to categorize? 
12th-May-2008 06:21 am
This may help. In addition, it works with all kinds of browsers to copy info off the web.

Their summary is good:

From study notes to course-work, research notes, personal information and spreadsheets, all can be managed efficiently, easily and securely. Just about anything can be stored within a KnowledgeBASE Document, including text, pictures, spreadsheets, Graphs and Charts.

The exclusive and extremely powerful Indexing system of KnowledgeBASE, means that you can always find the information you want. With KnowledgeBASE, Indexing Documents can be as simple or complex as you wish and there are no confusing data-trees to work your way through. Instead, more closely mapping the way we think, KnowledgeBASE utilizes a Keyword Indexing system, which is more powerful and more flexible.

Have fun!
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