Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Scott Ott Nails It, As Usual

OK, Obama has resigned from Trinity Church. Not, given what we've been seeing, before time.

Scott Ott has posted the correct response:

Dear Sen. Obama,

Now that you are back on the market, so to speak, having abandoned your church home of two decades to allow your friends to "worship in peace", I'd like to invite you to consider my church. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Senator, in my church we love and worship Jesus. We believe the Bible is the word of God. Our preachers faithfully proclaim the gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Our people live out their faith in a variety of ways, from feeding the poor, to providing medical care in rural Africa and elsewhere, to taking the good news of Jesus to Tanzania, France, England and several dozen other places around the world.

Sen. Obama, if you love Jesus, and enjoy the fellowship of others who share your faith in Christ, then you and Michelle and the girls might feel at home here.

Read the rest. Consider inviting someone else to your church.
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