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Introducing Classical Music 
7th-Jul-2008 12:25 pm
Everyone who listens to classical music knows the richness of it. But it is hard to introduce people to.

Here's my formula:

1. Do not do so in a concert setting. All that does is tell them that people can write ridiculously obscure stuff in concert notes and that classical music is expensive.

2. Use a parodist to convince them that they really know how good music should go first. Whether it's Allen Sherman's brilliant work for the Boston Pops or it is Peter Schickle's presentation of "PDQ Bach", music done badly is laughable, and points out that they ALREADY KNOW BETTER how it should have gone.

3. Then introduce the really popular classical music: the chase scenes from the William Tell Overture come to mind (not the beginning piccolo foolishness), along with many of the other pieces in this collection.

Serve beer. Encourage comment. The parodists are really good at getting things going (and "Variations on How Dry I Am" by Sherman is priceless).
7th-Jul-2008 08:47 pm (UTC)
Many people listen to classical music without even realizing it, as well. A great many game-soundtracks these days have moved away from the rock riffs of the 90s and now consist of orchestral arrangements with brass, wind, percussion, and choral elements.

Granted, most of these compositions are extremely simple compared to music from the Classical or Baroque period, but still, I smile any time I hear the Oblivion or Dungeon Siege theme.
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