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Facts and Factoids

Conventional Wisdom, NYT style:

It didn't matter that the accusations angrily advanced by the "Swifties" (as they are fondly known on the right) crumbled under the slightest scrutiny, just as it didn't matter that the principal members of the Bush administration had actively avoided service in Vietnam while Kerry had volunteered for it, and just as it didn't matter that the Pentagon under Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had botched the nation's current military effort and even sent insufficiently armored soldiers into action.

Those who have been actually reading the news might have a different take. Sadly, that doesn't matter to those whose determination to expose the contradictions of the conservatives only exposes their disdain for facts.

For those who want the exercise, try any of these sentences as google searches, and restrict to to make it faster. Follow the links to the facts, then look at the prose above, marvelling at the insularity of its author.

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