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Iraq War Over. 
28th-Oct-2008 03:49 pm

October 27, 2008: The war is over. Most of the noise these days is from politicians arguing, not bombs going off. There are still bombs, but now they tend to be assassination attempts, as some political parties play dirty (not unknown in this part of the world).

We're at the point where all we need is a security agreement with the government. Not bad. Much less inhumane than the other suggestions ("Make it flat glowing glass! Bomb the mosques!) that were thrown around before the war started, and with the advantage that there's no Saddam in the mix.

Verdict: Long, occasionally badly managed (maybe not as badly as WWII in its opening stages, but then we couldn't strand troops in Kenya), and with a lower probability that we will need to knock over the game board and say, "Start again."

Read the whole thing for the remaining issues for Iraq that may or may not involve our security umbrella.
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